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Access Systems for Train Maintenance

Our services:

Carriage Roof Access

Specialist Access Systems

Platform Sales and Hire Ltd have developed a generic range of high quality access systems for train maintenance, which can be modified to suit particular train sets and the requirements of the individual train care centre. A range of these systems is illustrated below and is being enlarged as we are requested to provide solutions to specific new access problems.

Specialist Carriage Roof Access

We can provide a wide variety of carriage roof access systems. The most popular of these has been the folding roof guardrail system, which provides a safe enclosed area on the carriage roof.

Roof Guardrail System

Roof Guardrail System

The folding roof guardrail provides a safe enclosed area on the carriage roof. Draw bridge platforms are used to infill the gap between the access tower and the roof of the carriage. Easily assembled and operated by two men the folding roof guardrail system offers an inexpensive solution to carriage roof access.

Suspended Walkway and Powered Access

Suspended Walkway

Dependent upon the Depot's configuration and requirements, alternative access can be obtained by a Suspended Walkway, mast boom or scissor lift with modified slide out deck to allow access onto the carriage roof.

Rolling Roof Access System

Store Support Vehicle

The Rolling Roof Access Gantry offers safe routine access to walk on the carriage roof, adaptability to suit all depot environments and robust construction to withstand the rigours of a maintenance depot.

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Easy Carriage Access

Most carriage side access platforms will be of a simple castor mounted aluminium construction. However this simplicity masks the wide variety of options and choices available. The main types used consist of single or double access stairways, with heights to suit either floor mounted or raised rail roads.

Suitable for a huge range of tasks

The length of platforms can be easily tailored to fit the width of a door or even the length of side windows to enable damaged windows to be changed. Alternative designs are often used where roads have a specific function within the depot. These platforms may be mounted on simple rail wheels, which tie the unit to the specific road. They can often incorporate such additional equipment as tool storage boxes, electrical plug and socket connectors, both at the base for mains connection and at the platform level for use within the carriage. Finally pneumatic airlines can be installed in much the same way as the electrical connectors. Materials for construction can vary to suit the client's site requirements, typical materials being mill finished aluminium or painted/galvanised carbon steel. However alternatives such as glass reinforced plastic or fibreglass can be utilised.

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Windscreen and End Access

Improved Access To Windscreen

A wide range of activities take place in both the manufacture and the maintenance of a train set on or around the windscreen area. These can range from replacement of a full windscreen panel to wipers and headlight maintenance. A variety of road types are found within depots and manufacturing sites from floor mounted rail, centre and side pit roads and raised rail.

Specialist Windscreen Access Equipment

Platform Sales and Hire Ltd have developed a range of Windscreen Access Platforms that can accommodate one or even all three types of road that occur.

  • Increased levels of staff safety
  • Non conductive GRP designs can be developed
  • Robust construction to suit the railway environment
  • Floor and/or rail mounted
  • Profiled decking to suit shape of car
  • Aluminium or steel construction
  • Parking jack option available
  • Designed to suit each depot's specific needs

Pit Board Access

Pit Board Equipment

The unique Harmill under frame pit vehicle has been developed by carefully studying the requirements of inspectors and maintainers over long periods. By carrying out this study we have been able to design the most ergonomic solution to fit the needs of the operators and fulfil the employers responsibility for health and safety.