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Access Systems for Aviation Maintenance

Our services:

Aviation Platform Access

Aviation Access Lifts

Scissor lift platforms offer flexible access to all areas of an aircraft. APU, Wings, Stabilisers, Windshields and Radome can all be accessed with these self drive machines.

Download our Aviation Division Guide PDF Download

Scissor Lifts

Aviation - Scissor Lifts

Models are available from 5 metres up to 20 metres. Power can be via battery, diesel or both (Bi-energy). Air powered options are also available for paint environments.

Articulating Boom

Aviation - Boom Lifts

An articulating boom will give access on all types of aircraft up to Boeing 747 and Airbus 340. It can be driven when it is fully raised from the ground.

Self Propelled Sigma Lift

Store Support Vehicle

The Sigma range of self-propelled platforms are ideally suited for aircraft work, due to their unique boom configuration. As can be seen from photo, the machine does not have a scissor pack under the platform. This area is left clean and allows the machine to gain greater access over the wing surface. Sigma Lift models are available at 26 feet, 32 feet and 36 feet reach heights

Self Propelled Boom Lift

Store Support Vehicle

Models available from 12 metres up to 40 metres. Battery, Diesel and Bi-energy (battery/diesel or battery/gas).

Aviation Steps

Specialist Step Access

Mobile, adjustable, fixed, towable and powered steps feature in our range. Our adjustable steps are adjusted via a ratchet screw system. Thus negating the need for hydraulic rams. Steps can be supplied in both steel and aluminium.

Specialist Aviation Access

Aviation Steps

Our lightweight aluminium mobile steps are available for all aircraft types. They give access both to enter the aircraft and allow work to be performed on the PAX door and surrounding area of the fuselage.

Door Removal Unit

Remove Airplane Doors Easily

This lift is extremely versatile and can be used on all areas of an aircraft. Door removal, leading and trailing edge panels can be removed using this unit. It negates the need to manoeuvre a crane in tight positions.

Suitable for a large range of tasks

  • Extremely Versatile
  • Use on all areas of an aircraft
  • Trailing edge panels can be removed
  • Easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces
Door Removal Unit

Maintenance Docking

Maintenance Docking Equipment

We can supply from our standard range or design bespoke products to customers exact requirements. The light design allows the units to be easily moved around the hangar. All aircraft types can be catered for, and variable height units are also available.

Cater For All Aircraft Types

Maintenance Docking

The dock incorporates both APU and stabiliser access. Adjustment is via electrically powered lead screws. Light design allows the units to be easily moved around the hangar. Variable height units also available. All aircraft types catered for. Adjustment is via air powered lead screws which give both a safe and solid feel to these products.

Vehicle Mounted Lifts

The Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet is a vehicle mounted scissor lift designed to work in the tight confines of both the airport ramp and hangar environment. It is suitable for access up to the APU area on B747 aircraft with a reach height of 10 metres.

Designed for the aviation industry

The Flying Carpet
  • Can be driven on a standard European Driving Licence
  • Built on a 3.5 tonne chassis
  • For access on both wide and narrow aircraft
  • 280kg Platform capacity
  • Push out cantilever deck
  • Can be used for hangar and ramp maintenance
Download The Flying Carpet Specifications PDF Download

Military Aviation

Access Equipment for the Military

Here at Platform Sales and Hire Ltd, as well as supplying specialist access equipment to the commercial aviation industry, we also supply equipment to the military. From access steps to a full maintenance docking unit we are able to supply access equipment to fit your specific needs.

Military Aviation Access Solutions

  • Harrier Access Steps
  • Full tail dock and fuselage paint staging areas
  • Specialist flooring systems to allow cleaning fluids to access drainage systems.
  • Mobile maintenance docking units
Military Access Equipment
  • Military Paint Staging Area
  • Mobile Docking Unit